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Tripp Wheeler Adventures

Early readers ride along with a young truck driver who loves the outdoors and has an adventurous spirit. Tripp Wheeler drives a tractor-trailer for his family-owned business, Wheeler Transport, to exciting destinations, seeing interesting places along his route.

What predicaments does he get himself into while out on the road? If not for the sixth sense of his dog, Detour, and the help of others, they would never make a delivery on time.

Tripp Wheeler Adventures engages children’s interest in trucks that pre-school picture books establish. This series teaches children about the world around them, inspiring their spirit of adventure. Each book features  a glossary of trucking terms and a riddle to introduce the next book.

book 1: the red, white and blue party


 Ride along with Tripp, a truck driver, and Detour, his sidekick, as they roll down the highway from one adventure to another. You’ll see exciting places and find out how they solve problems with the help of people they meet along the way.

In this first book of the 10-4 Good Buggy series, Tripp and Detour need to work with others to avoid an ice cream meltdown in Washington, D.C.!

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Book 2: A Big Assist


In this adventure, Tripp is delivering Kool Katz Hot Dogs to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. A mix up at the hot dog plant, which Detour sniffs out, means they could miss the first pitch on opening day.

Book 3: Falling for Apples


Tripp is delivering apples to the country’s largest apple bobbing contest in Ohio. He makes a last-minute decision to go on an overnight fishing trip and encounters a severe thunderstorm that damages his load and puts the delivery at risk.

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