10-4 Good Buggy & Tripp Wheeler Adventures



the red, white and blue party is a hit!


 We ordered The Red, White and Blue Party......my son loves it!!!! Can’t wait for the next one!!! 


Tripp Wheeler Adventures

Early readers ride along with a young truck driver who loves the outdoors and has an adventurous spirit. Tripp Wheeler drives a tractor-trailer for his family-owned business, Wheeler Transport, to exciting destinations, seeing interesting places along his route.

What predicaments does he get himself into while out on the road? If not for the sixth sense of his dog, Detour, and the help of others, they would never make a delivery on time.

Tripp Wheeler Adventures engages children’s interest in trucks that pre-school picture books establish. This series teaches children about the world around them, inspiring their spirit of adventure. Each book features a map of Tripp’s route, a glossary of trucking terms, and a riddle to introduce the next book.

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